Wednesday, May 2, 2012

JMJT! Praise be Jesus Christ! Now and Forever!

May is the month when we celebrate all mothers, and most especially our heavenly mother Mary who has so much care and concern for each of us. Like a good mother, Our Lady is concerned with every detail of her childrens' lives in both the spiritual and temporal order.  She seeks to ease the pain, teach us, intercede for us, and most especially lead and guide us to her son.  To kick off this month, I'd like to share a little poem I wrote for my Celestial Mother some time ago. I cannot fully express my gratitude and love for her, but I offer her this little poetic letter of praise to her nonetheless.

Mother Mary – Refreshment for Our Souls
My Dear Mother Mary,

I felt your soft, gentle touch

Upon my face this morning

As the breeze blew upon me

What refreshment you are to

Our hearts and souls

What joy I felt as I recognized you,

Just as Elijah saw you pre-figured in

The cloud and the falling cool rain

That he and The Israelites

Had awaited for so long.

You are like aloe on burnt skin;

Fresh spring water upon parched lips;

Honey to sweeten any bitterness


You are truly the refuge of the poor in spirit,

Hiding me in your cloak from the

Blowing sand storms in the desert.

Let me hide myself in your Immaculate Heart

And nourish myself with your maternal milk,

That I may be ready to meet your Son

When He comes for me

May He only see His bride,

Presented in the shadows of the

Beauty and light of His Most Holy Mother.