Sunday, June 8, 2014

JMJT! Praise be Jesus Christ! Now and Forever!

Come Holy Spirit, Come!

The Holy Spirit is often depicted as either flames of fire or rivers of water and grace that consume and penetrate its host. We must aim to be that docile and open host or vessel that expands and invites this Holy Guest to not only visit, but to stay perpetually within our souls to operate our very lives, as He operated the life of Our Beloved Jesus and espoused our Blessed Mother.  The Holy Spirit's river of sanctifying grace knocks at the door of our hearts to flood and inundate us with His gifts and fruits. We must seek to tear down any barriers to Him, that His river of love and mercy may run through the very center of our beings freely and without hindrance. This river tastes of sweet waters and contains His very breath and Divine movements. These waters carry us on the wings of His Divine Will to fulfill His plans for each of us individually. This Holy River purifies, sanctifies, satisfies, and creates. It is the sweet water of refreshment for the soul that carries each further in to the center of Our Lady and her Immaculate Womb, where the Holy Spirit resides.  We must ask Our Blessed Mother Mary to help us to welcome her beloved Spouse, that we be able to more deeply love the Him in union with the Father and the Son. May we allow His dew and rivulets to soften us and wash over us to love more fully. Amen. 

“O Holy Spirit, substantial Love of the Father and the Son, uncreated Love dwelling in the souls of the just, come down upon me like a new Pentecost and bring me an abundance of Your gifts, of Your fruits, and of Your grace; unite Yourself to me as the most sweet Spouse of my soul.
“I consecrate myself entirely to You; invade me, take me, possess me wholly. Be the penetrating light which illumines my intellect, the gentle motion which attracts and directs my will, the supernatural energy which gives energy to my body. Complete in me Your work of sanctification and love. Make me pure, transparent, simple, true, free, peaceful, gentle, calm, serene even in suffering, and burning with charity toward God and my neighbor.
Accendat in nobis ignem sui amoris et flammam aeternae caritatis, kindle in me the fire of Your love and the flame of eternal charity. Multiply in me these holy transports of love which will bring me rapidly to transforming union.
“Make not only my will, but all my senses and faculties completely submissive to Your divine will, so that I shall no longer be ruled by my pride, but solely by Your divine impulse. Then everything in me will be moved by love, in love, in such a way that when I work, I shall work through love, and when I suffer, I shall bear everything through love. Grant that the supernatural may become the ‘natural’ atmosphere in which my soul moves.
“Make me docile and prompt to follow Your inspirations. Grant that I may never neglect even one, but may always be Your faithful little spouse. Make me ever more recollected, more silent, and more submissive to Your divine action, more alert to receive Your delicate touches. Draw me into the inmost depths of my heart where You dwell, O sweet, divine Guest, and teach me to ‘watch continually in prayer.’
“Come, O life-giving Spirit, to this poor world and renew the face of the earth; preside over new organizations and give us Your peace, that peace which the world cannot give. Help Your Church, give her holy priests and fervent apostles. Fill with holy inspirations the souls of the good; give calm compunction to sinful souls, consoling refreshment to the suffering, strength and help to those who are tempted, and light to those in darkness and in the shadow of death” (Sr. Carmela of the Holy Spirit, O.C.D.).